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Despite advances in diagnosis and treatment, cancer remains a highly lethal disease with as many as 14.2 million new cancer cases and 8.2 million deaths reported annually worldwide. Research shows that the earlier cancer can be detected, the better the survival prospects. However, few tests can accurately detect cancer before symptoms appear.

Abcodia, together with our partners and collaborators, are engaged in the clinical and commercial development of novel, scientifically validated tests for the early detection of several cancers. In 2013 Abcodia formed an alliance with Cancer Research UK to discover and validate blood-based biomarkers that may be used in the earlier detection of pancreatic, lung, colorectal and oesophageal cancers. more...


Abcodia's first screening product, the ROCA® Test, determines the likelihood of a woman having having ovarian cancer - even before symptoms appear. In clinical studies of patients in the general population, the ROCA Test along with appropriate clinical follow up, has been shown to detect more than twice as many ovarian cancers as tests that use a fixed CA125 cutoff.

The ROCA Test is CE marked and is available in the private healthcare market in the U.K. and is available in select U.S. markets. For more information about the most proven method of screening for ovarian cancer, visit



Between 2001 and 2005 202,638 women volunteers were enrolled into the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS). Volunteers donated serum samples for up to 10 years. The resulting biobank contains over 5 million straws of serum representing all diseases. These prospective longitudinal samples are rare and ideal for use in the development of biomarkers for the earlier detection of disease.

Abcodia has the exclusive commercial rights to this biobank and uses these samples for internal research and development and provides samples under license for use in the third party projects.


Abcodia and University of Manchester

Abcodia and The University of Manchester Collaborate on Biomarker Discovery for the early Detection of Lung Cancer More...

Abcodia has appointed Richard A. "Dick" Sandberg to its board of directors

Mr. Sandberg has played a principal role in founding and building a number of medical diagnostic companies. Previously he co-founded and served as chairman, CEO and president of DIANON Systems, Inc., a leading publicly traded provider of anatomic pathology and oncology testing services (acquired by LabCorp in 2003). More...