About Us

Abcodia is a clinical stage company engaged in the commercial development of novel, scientifically validated tests for the early detection of cancer. The Company’s first product is the ROCA® Test for the early detection of ovarian cancer, and is also expanding its pipeline of early detection technologies for lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancer.

We maintain exclusive commercial access to a biobank of prospectively collected samples donated from over 200,000 individuals over a 10-year period. In addition, we hold strategic collaborations with leading global organizations including Cancer Research UK, University College London and other academic and industry partners.

Testing blood samples for pancreatic cancer biomarkers.

Our CLIA-certified lab ensures compliance with state and federal clinical laboratory laws and regulations within the United States.

Abcodia is a privately held company funded through investments from Albion Ventures, Cambridge Innovative Capital plc, Scottish Equity Partners and UCL Business Plc. Headquartered in Cambridge, U.K., the Company maintains a U.S. corporate presence in Boston, MA and a CLIA-certified lab in Memphis, TN.

Abcodia Hero

Our Mission

Abcodia’s mission is to improve cancer survival rates through early detection.

Our Values

At Abcodia, we value:

  • Patient safety above all else
  • Innovation to find ways to detect cancer earlier
  • Collaboration with partners to carry out our mission