About Us
Nadia Altomare, Chief Executive Officer

Nadia Altomare

  • Chief Executive Officer

Nadia has more than 20 years healthcare experience and extensive knowledge in developing and implementing strategic plans to drive commercial growth in the life sciences, biotechnology, and diagnostic industries. She is proficient in general management in single & multi-product/service environments spanning entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 companies. Nadia is an accomplished senior executive experienced in positioning commercial companies for growth, profitability, and sustainable competitive advantage.

Julie Barnes, PhD., Founding CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

Julie Barnes, PhD.

  • Founding CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

Julie has over 20 years experience of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry, including 15 years experience of early R&D with GlaxoSmithKline. More recently Julie was director and Chief Scientific Officer at BioWisdom, a healthcare technology company.

Her mix of scientific and commercial experience in large pharmaceutical and small start-ups and academic network brings a strong understanding of what is required to successfully lead Abcodia as an ethical and collaborative organization.

Chris Poole

Chris Poole

  • Chief Financial Officer

Chris has over 20 years’ experience in finance and has held senior positions at a variety of organization types, ranging from business start-ups to a FTSE 250 company. He joined Abcodia as CFO in October 2015. Before joining the company Chris was CFO at Zinwave Ltd, steering the company to its sale in 2014. He was the Finance Director at Enecsys Ltd. and played a fundamental role in numerous fund raising activities, (including Series B for $41m) to support the global growth of the organization.