Cancer screening and early diagnosis products.At Abcodia we strive to change the way serum biomarkers are used to detect chronic diseases. We specialize in investigating the dynamic change of biomarkers over a disease lifecycle. Through longitudinal profiling of biomarkers, we can use the healthy baseline of an individual to improve the performance of diagnostic tests. Identifying change from baseline, rather than assessing static biomarker levels, can reduce false positives and false negatives and detect the disease earlier.

Abcodia’s unique longitudinal biobank of serum, derived from a population of 202,000 initially cancer-free postmenopausal women, allows studies profile how biomarkers change as diseases develop. This resource removes the significant hurdles of time and cost of a de novo sample collection that would normally be required to perform such studies.

Detect ovarian cancer earlier with the ROCA Test.

ROCA Test – Earlier Detection of Cancer Products

Our focus is cancer. Abcodia is the provider of The ROCA® Test, a blood test that assesses a woman’s risk of having ovarian cancer.  The ROCA Test is provided in our CLIA-certified laboratory in Memphis, TN as well as in the UK. For more information, visit our US or UK sites.

We are also developing a second longitudinal algorithm-based screening test for pancreatic cancer in high risk individuals, which has been supported by a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. For further details, visit our R&D page.

Blood samples for biomarker analysis.

Serum Biobank – Support for Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Through our exclusive access to a unique longitudinal population serum biobank, Abcodia supports a multitude of companies and organizations that are looking to develop diagnostic tests for human diseases. We support all aspects of study design and supply samples to our collaborators for analysis.

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