Group collaborating

A Collaborative Approach

We passionately believe that the best outcomes are gained through collaboration. To ensure the best chance of success, we harness a number of collaborators, including the Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre at UCL, commercial diagnostic partners, and individual consultants. Together with our network of technology and commercial partners we can cover all the aspects of biomarker development from discovery to commercialisation.

We tailor our approach to suit the collaborator and the programme of work.

Depending on the outcome of our discussions, we will:

  • Work collaboratively to scope out an appropriate experimental design.
  • Generate and manage the submissions to the UCL Ethics Board, if needed, to support your defined experimental needs.
  • Mine the UKLWC database to select the cohort of the most suitable volunteers for your research.
  • Ship our human serum samples world-wide using our distribution partner.
  • If required, help identify the most suitable molecular technology collaborators to support the testing of the serum.
  • Work closely with UCL to harness clinical or technical expertise to support the programme of work.

We have a flexible business model that allows all our collaborators to make use of this unique resource, under arrangements that share the risks and rewards of biomarker discovery.

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