Abcodia specializes in investigating the dynamic change of serum based biomarkers over a cancer lifecycle. Through longitudinal profiling of biomarkers and data-informed algorithms, we detect change in a person’s baseline level of a particular biomarker to detect change at the earliest timepoint. By doing this, we improve the performance of diagnostic tests, reducing false positives and false negatives and detecting cancer earlier.

For its particular interest in the early detection and screening of cancer, Abcodia has been collaborating with the UK Longitudinal Women’s Cohort (UKLWC). The UKLWC is a collection of over 5 million individual serum samples collected from 202,638 postmenopausal women, free from cancer at the time of recruitment, and of whom 46,237 donated annually for up to 10 years. The samples are professionally stored in heat-sealed and barcoded straws in liquid nitrogen to ensure long-term sample stability. The health records of the subjects have 14 years of follow up and the biobank now contains approximately 30,000 cases of cancer.

This biobank allows us and our collaborators to profile how biomarkers change as cancer develop and removes the significant hurdles of time and cost of a de novo sample collection.

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