Supporting Biomarker Validation and Discovery

Access to high quality, well annotated serum samples is key in validating new biomarkers. De novo collection of samples can be prohibitively expensive and cause significant delays in in-vitro diagnostic product development. No more so than for validating claims of early detection in diseases such as cancer, where healthy populations need to be monitored for long periods until enough subjects develop the disease being studied.

A Population Biobank with Annual Sampling Over 10 Years

Underpinning Abcodia’s work in early detection and screening of cancer, the company has exclusive commercial access  to the UK Longitudinal Women’s Cohort (UKLWC; click here for additional information). The UKLWC is a collection of over 5 million individual serum samples collected from 202,638 postmenopausal women, free from cancer at the time of recruitment, and of whom 46,237 donated annually for up to 10 years. The samples are professionally stored in heat-sealed and barcoded straws in liquid nitrogen to ensure long-term sample stability.

Multiple Diseases in One Biobank from the Same Population

The health records of the subjects have 14 years of follow up and the biobank now contains over 27,000 cases of cancer, and all the other diseases such a large and aging cohort would be expected to develop over such a long period of time.

Unique Insight from Longitudinal Sampling

With annual sampling from healthy individuals, the biobank allows unique experiments to be performed. The collection is ideal for studies that:

  • Measure dynamic change from healthy to disease onset
  • Assess biomarkers across a population
  • Include confounding diseases
  • Address biomarker changes over time within healthy individuals

Access for Commercial Organisations

Abcodia provides access to these samples for commercial groups to support biomarker validation and discovery projects in the area of early detection and screening of cancer (for all other applications, please contact the team at UCL (click here).  Under its collaborative biobank license with UCL, Abcodia has first option to license any IP generated in the area of early detection of ovarian cancer developed via academic use of the samples.

To enquire about sample access, please contact the Biobank team UK.

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